barrasPipe and Steel of Florida, Inc. believes that efficient and prompt service is the ultimate factor in determining a company’s success or failure.

At Pipe and Steel of Florida, Inc. we place a high premium on service. Our company believes that service demands knowledge and thus, provides a highly skilled, professionally trained staff to meet those demands.

As one of the largest steel suppliers, our company maintains a sales staff that is specialized in both the domestic and international steel markets. They provide our customers with prompt and accurate responses regarding pricing, delivery, technical data, and industry analysis. As a whole, our sales staff is unparalleled in this industry.

Pipe and Steel of Florida, Inc. also provides an excellent logistics service that allows our customers the confidence to place an order and have the material delivered to their jobsite, warehouse, or port, anywhere in the world. Whether delivering pipe, fittings (should this be pipe and fittings or pipe fittings-the comma is confusing) via next day air to a customer in Peru, or truckloads of steel beams to a fabricator in Alabama, our shipping personnel is totally dedicated to assuring that each customer’s order arrives problem-free and on schedule to its place of destination.

Please contact us if you wish to find out more about Pipe and Steel of Florida, Inc. sales and shipping services.